Open Ocean, Colorful Castles and Cute Camels

Balcony Gallery, 3rd floor

A slide presentation given by Robert and Cindy Holden from their sailing adventure to Europe and back, with an accompanying exhibit of 20 of Cindy’s paintings of Portugal, Spain and Cape Verde.

Robert and Cindy Holden sailed their 47 Ketch, "Tenacity", from Annapolis to Portugal in the summer of 2011. They cruised the coasts of Western and Southern Portugal into Spain, and returned home by way of the Atlantic Islands of Madeira, the Canaries, Cape Verde and the Caribbean.  This photo presentation is partly about the ocean crossings, and also about the amazing places they saw, some off the most beaten tracks!  The paintings were mostly done on the boat!  Come and enjoy a relaxed sharing of a trip of a lifetime!