Nathanael Scott

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Artist Statement

In 2011 I watched my friend attempt to pour sugar from a bag into a small cup of tea. When they missed the cup entirely, spilling sugar all over their kitchen counter I said to them:

“You see my child, it is not how much you pour, but it is what, goes in your cup.”

Now, at the time I was just being silly, trying to imitate some fictional wise old man; the kind you’d see in a martial arts film. But all these years later, I think I finally understand the real wisdom that was hidden in those words. A lot of the time my work is influenced by what’s happening inside me. An inner conflict that I feel is always tearing me into two completely different directions. Thus, over the years I have focused on making more abstract pieces that come to take on a life of their own as I work through the process of creating a work of art. Pieces that tend to possess a dual narrative. My works tell many stories, touching on a myriad of subjects, never having just one interpretation; they often are inspired by darker, more visceral emotions like:  fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, frustration, and sorrow. However, I like to imagine that through the transformative process of making art, I am able to take these dark emotions, which are a source of pain, and re-purpose them more positively, to use as a source of creation, and joy. In this way, the process of creating new work becomes therapeutic, and the work is able to focus on the most important themes in my work; perspective and reception.

This is where my proverb comes into play; for I learned in order to be able to transform something inherently negative into something more positive, I have to be open and receptive to what the universe is trying to tell me. Because, it doesn’t matter how much the universe tries to pour into me, if I’m not in the right place - mentally and spiritually - I won’t be able to receive it, and it will just spill all over the proverbial kitchen counter.