Craig Ebersole


"Fitness has become a hobby that is enjoyable to me. Once fit, I learned that varied activities can be pursued.  My goal has become to limit gym time by starting to walk, cycle, and stretch to enhance my ability to perform functional activities appropriate to my age level.  Twice a week for cardio and strength training, mindfulness, and varied activities is my recipe for wellness."

Over the past two decades, Craig has evolved his workout routine into a lifestyle and future career. Now a certified fitness trainer and wellness coach since 2011, Craig is on a path to a new career in wellness training.  Craig just taught a class for the 2015-2016 school year at the Maryland Hall for Creative Arts and will be teaching three workshops this year.  His class, The Art of Meditation, focuses on relaxation, visualization, and meditation.

The Art of Meditation workshops at MHCA focus on the single-pointed focus of mindfulness. Each class is organized to create the ability of the student to practice relaxation exercises of deep breathing and visualization. From the beginning of the three, two-hour workshops, the ability to understand the art of meditation in several distinctive ways is practiced as a group.

The path to mindfulness requires patience and practice. Meditation practice is taught in the form of visualization of the mantra and focus on the breath in a relaxed state. To prepare for meditation is to accept the single-pointed focus and use the tools of several modes of meditation practice. Some of the forms covered include pranayama breathing, Zen visualizations, OM mantra meditation, walking meditations, candle gazing meditation, and the Hands of Light meditation.