Drama and Theater

Lynne Childress is an accomplished teaching artist. She has been a professional actor and teaching artist for over 20 years, having started as an Acting Apprentice at the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami, Florida, performing in shows that toured area schools, and that all had good life messages.

She spent 2 years as the Elementary Programs Coordinator at the Folger Shakespeare Library helping to head-up Shakespeare Steps Out, a program that introduces the Bard and his world to 3-6th graders in Washington, DC. After that, she worked as the Creative Arts Team Leader for BridgeKids, the children’s ministry of Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD, where she produced and sometimes wrote children’s services, and oversaw teams of performing adults and kids. Since then, she has been a teacher, assistant director and director at places like Spotlighters Theatre, Drama Learning Center, and Compass Rose Theater, where she co-directed “The Little Prince” and directed “The Brave Little Kid”, “Miss Electricity”, and a roaring 20s-flavored version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, all for Compass Rose’s Young Actors Studio, which shows young people firsthand what a life in theater is like as they learn and perform.

BBP Productions was borne out of the realization that people need to truly seek to understand each other more, while affirming their own value and worth. Through the arts, we can share this important truth to the littlest of us. We produce professional theater productions in a fun and creative way for kids and their families, which encourage all of us to be better people. We want every show, every class, and every conversation you have with us to be welcoming and affirming. Sound good? Join us!

Glass Fusing

About 8 years ago, Clare Shepherd was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center recovering after she serving as an Army Logistics Captain in Kuwait. A therapist suggested she participate in their art program and she reluctantly tried her hand at glass fusing.   When Shepherd moved to Maryland a short time later, a family member suggested she try a class at Maryland Hall.  MHCA’s Glass Program had been in existence for a short time under the leadership of Gayla Lee.  Shepherd tried a class and fell in love with the art form and the process.  “The classes really pulled my out my funk,” she says.  “The art really was the therapy I needed and has helped me grow in so many ways.” 

Artist Statement

Glass makes me happy.

What’s nice about art is that it brings people from all parts of the community together--we have doctors and lawyers and stay at home moms and retired people--all in one class and they learn from each other and get to know each other. When they come to the glass class they can find a common bond, everyone shares what they know and they share ideas? 

I see these classes for many people as art therapy--like they were for me. 

You can be abstract or literal and still do glass--we have all different types of people in the class. 

I try to teach technique but each person makes what they want.  I have 4 or 5 year olds and I can know about their personality based on what they decide to make and how they approach it.  It really lets you see someone’s personality.  


Joe Yablonsky specializes in gelatin silver photographs of public sculpture and architecture. The photographs are only taken when a rare combination of lighting and atmospheric conditions are present in the scene to highlight the sculpture and its environment.

The subjects include works by master sculptors such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Daniel Chester French and Isamu Noguchi, to contemporary artists involved in community public art projects.

All photos are hand printed using a traditional darkroom on fiber paper and are selenium toned to increase their archival permanence.

Teaching Philosophy

I feel that good photographers do more prior to taking the photo than after. Whether it is film or digital, my philosophy is to give every student a strong foundation of the technical considerations (depth of field, exposure) and creative considerations (lighting, balance) that must be addressed prior to pressing the shutter release button. Also, I encourage each and every student to bring their own personality and individuality into the process by pre-visualizing the final image and obtaining photographs that are uniquely their own.

Digital Art

What you will see in my art is my love of color, illustration, flowers, animals, and whimsy.  I enjoy maintaining the integrity of the literal image using new digital tools to move to interpretive imaging. I desire to enhance, recreate and quietly reimagine what I see. 

My background is in art and design as far back as I can remember.  I grew up in an “arts household,” painting at a young age with my painter grandmother, going to museums and events with my family, and just “doing art” for fun. I went to Ithaca College, School of Communications and received a Bachelor of Science in Cinema Studies and Photography. With an appetite for adventure and travel, I furthered my studied in London at the International Film School (Covent Garden, London) and received a diploma in Film from there as well.  Upon returning to the States, I needed to work, and so I started my own business as an Interior Design Large Format Photographer. After a while, I went back to school again, this time for a certificate in Landscape Design. Over the years, I have pursued art and design with displays, exhibits, gardens, landscapes, and graphic arts.

The disciplines of all these arts add to a broad base of knowledge to pull from for shaping new techniques and ideas. Presently my focus takes two tracks: One path is "The Botanical Beauties and Beasties” with its whimsical art creatures and their community, called Botaniumaus.  The mantra of their land is Kindness: Kindness to self, each other and the Earth. Their purpose is to share this message with a big dollop of sustainability.  Created digitally. Created with a mission. Created with soul and heart. 

The other path is the sheer meditative joy of sketching, the overall process of creating, exploring creativity with digital tools and sharing it with others. 

Regardless of the path, the journey requires my camera, my computer, sometimes paints, and always my eyes, my heart, and my imagination. 

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Podcast: A Conversation with Tom Stoner: Maryland Hall's Exhibitions Coordinator, Emily Kohlenstein, talks with Tom Stoner about collecting time-based media and incorporating it into his home. Tom explains the relevance of nature, both, in his video-art collection and his foundation Nature Sacred (TKF Foundation) which supports green spaces in urban areas.

Related Programming
March 22-25: Outdoor Installation

Special outdoor video installation during the
Annapolis Film Festival featuring Kelly Richardson’s work (cover image) displayed at Maryland Hall.

Tuesday, April 24, 7 pm: Main Theatre
A Conversation with Tom Stoner: Gallery Talk and Screening

Tom Stoner will share the fun and challenges presented by collecting media art and present two special screenings: Travel, 1996-2013, by David Claerbout (Belgium) and Wooden Boulder, 1978-2003, by David Nash (UK).
Refreshments to follow in the galleries.
RSVP for A Conversation with Tom Stoner at exhibits@marylandhall.org


Exiles of the Shattered Star, 2006  Kelly Richardson

From the Collection of Kitty and Tom Stoner

Maryland Hall announces its first all-video exhibition and art-based collaboration with Annapolis Film Festival, Glistening:  Nature Mirrored in Video Art. 

Glimmers in the vastness of outer space, tide side shadows, sun drenched forests at dawn, and shifts prompted by seasonal cycles are among the inspirations for this selection of new media artworks from the collection of Tom and Kitty Stoner.

Explore how artists from around the world bring the glories of the great outdoors inside at installations in and around Maryland Hall galleries. 

Exhibition Curator Kelly Gordon reports, “The diversity of the Stoner Collection provides a lively primer for anyone curious about this flourishing dimension of recent art."

Tom and Kitty Stoner with Kelly Richardson's Exile of the Shattered Star, Photo by Maureen Porto Photography

The Stoner's in their home with Jessica SteinKamp's Rapunzel, Photo by Maureen Porto Photography



In 1983, Native Iowans with a zest for art, Tom and Kitty Stoner were drawn to Annapolis for its historical charm, warm-spirited community and, like many, the great sailing.

They surrounded themselves with works by leading 20th century sculptors, from Rodin to Goldberg, and cultivated a distinctive collection by assembling a cache of drawings by sculptors.

Parallel to this endeavor they established a foundation - TKF - to create nature-focused contemplative spaces that counter the dynamic of settings associated with high stress (naturescared.org).

Kitty and Tom Stoner, Photo by Maureen Porto Photography

They share a conviction that nature is a source for solace and reflection. This informs their philanthropic work as well as their art collection. Beginning in 2005, they shifted to encompass moving image art - video and digital creations.

Media art works are often frenetic and yet the Stoner's focus on acquisitions that celebrate nature and induce engaged meditation. Among the small tribe of those daring enough to collect video art work, few have integrated it as thoroughly into their home life style where it breathes side-by-side with their daily routines, at their threshold, in their hallways and even in their kitchen.

Mr. Stoner, who worked in the communications industry for 35 years, shares with Kitty an innate curiosity for the new and the next, and both exude youthful vigor. This outlook led them to a 21st century art that is driven by young and emerging artists.

 "What has surprised me most about building a media collection is the interactivity that exists between moving images and adjacent spaces. It's like on large conversation... especially if the collection is focused on its content. It will be thrilling for me and Kitty to share these compelling works with Annapolitans... even if it means a blank wall in the kitchen." - Tom Stoner

Take a look at our Spring class offerings for Ceramics. Our Summer classes are also available for registration.

The Maryland Hall Pottery Studio offers an atmosphere of camaraderie and relaxation where more than 70 students of all ages, from young adults to retirees, come together to explore this fascinating and ever changing media. 

Handbuilding class with Laura Switkes

The Pottery Studio recently expanded and now has a fully furnished handbuilding room, a throwing room with 14 wheels, a glazing room, and a kiln room with 3 kilns.

Classes and workshops include wheel throwing, handbuilding, sculpture, and glazing techniques. Many of these different approaches intersect, forming one of the most vibrant communities at Maryland Hall. Walking through the studios one can appreciate the diversity of the work being created.


Pottery Class with Renata Mastroti

To keep the program fresh and vital, Maryland Hall instructors are always exploring new techniques and approaches to clay. The energy is in the air with a constant flow of new work going in and out of the kilns.

In addition to the classes, the Pottery Department offers open studio access to currently enrolled students, where they can work independently to help solidify their skills. Students participate in an annual ‘Student Show’ in one of Maryland Hall’s galleries.


The Pottery Department will offer a ‘Seconds Sale’ and wheel and handbuilding demonstrations during the annual Artfest open house event on Sunday April 8 from 1:00-4:00pm.

Last week the galleries were filled with students from the Bates Liberal Arts Band and PVA (Performing and Visual Arts)  classes. They were greeted by artist H.C. Porter whose traveling exhibition Blues @ Home: Mississippi's Living Blues Legends is showcased in both the Chaney and Martino Galleries through March 3.

Porter explained the culture of Blues music and its heritage from the state of Mississippi, the background of the Blues @ Home project including interviews and oral histories of each living legend, and the process and techniques of her work - starting as a photograph, transforming into a high-contrast silk-screen image, and finally becoming a mixed media painting with acrylic paint and prisma-color pencil.


The students all had an opportunity to use the audio wands provided and listened to the oral histories of the musicians. They spent time answering questions made up by their teachers. They engaged with the artist and asked questions about her work. Additionally, they reflected on how the work relates to what they are learning about in  class, whether it be the musical and performance aspect for the band students or the mixed media technique for the visual arts students. History takes part as well. We look forward to even more groups in the coming weeks.


It is great to see the community engaging with our galleries and we enjoy bringing students from various schools who have found relevance in their curriculum and what we are showcasing. If you are interested in setting up a time for your class (or other group) to visit the galleries and meet the artist please contact Emily Kohlenstein (Exhibitions Coordinator) at ekohlenstein@mdhallarts.org.


Maryland Hall has decided to retire its annual fundraising event, All That Art.  The 2017 auction was the 12th annual event.  

"The art auction has been a great event for Maryland Hall for many years,” says Donna Anderson, VP, of Marketing and Development.  “But staff and volunteers will focus instead on researching and planning potential new fundraising events to support our mission in 2019 as well as supporting and expanding our annual ArtFest Open House on April 8 and our 20th Arts Alive fundraising event on September 7th."

In the coming weeks and months, Maryland Hall will be reaching out to past art auction participants -- artists, donors, and sponsors -- to seek feedback and input on future arts-related events.  Thank you to the participating artists and to our sponsors and supporters for their commitment to Maryland Hall’s mission of “art for all.”  We look forward to continuing our partnership in the years ahead.      



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