Summer Camps for Kids

Week of June 19th
All About Art: Media Exploration  
Ages 4-6   Class ID#: S1730100    6/19-6/23    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
All About Clay:  Discovering Ceramics  
Ages  4-6   Class ID#: S1730101    6/19-6/23    Mon-Fri    12:30PM-3PM
Creations in Clay  
Ages 9-12  ​Class ID#: S1730160    6/19-6/23    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Fairytales Onstage!*  
Ages 7-11   Class ID#: S1730189    6/19-6/23    Mon-Fri    1PM-4PM
Tiny Toes, Tap & Tumbling  
Ages  3-5   Class ID#: S1730210    6/19-6/23    Mon-Fri    9AM-10:30AM
Ballet, Broadway and Bop  
Ages  5-8   Class ID#: S1730214    6/19-6/23    Mon-Fri    10:30AM-1PM

*Off-site at Compass Rose Theatre

Week of June 26th
Art is Wild: Nature-based Art
Ages 4-6    ​Class ID#:S1730102    6/26-6/30    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Clay Zoo: Sculpting Animals
 Ages 4-6    ​Class ID#:S1730103    6/26-6/30    Mon-Fri    12:30PM-3PM
Artworks: The Magic of Drawing
Ages 6-8    ​Class ID#:S1730120    6/26-6/30    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-11AM
Artworks: Paint, Paint, and Paint
Ages  6-8   Class ID#: S1730121    6/26-6/30    Mon-Fri    11:30AM-1PM
Jr. Fashion Design
Ages 9-12    ​Class ID#:S1730150    6/26-6/30    Mon-Fri    1:30PM-3PM
Creations in Clay
Ages 9-12    ​Class ID#:S1730161    6/26-6/30    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM

Week of July 10th
Art & Dance: The Butterfly and Insect Garden  
Ages 3 1/2 - 6 1/2+   Class ID#: S1730080    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12:30PM
Build It: Architecture Camp    
Ages 7-9    ​Class ID#: S1730140    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Cartooning: Character Design  
Ages 7-9   Class ID#: S1730141    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    12:30PM-2:30PM
Jr. Drawing Workshop    
Ages 9-12  Class ID#:  S1730151    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-11AM
Jr. Painting Workshop    
Ages 9-12  Class ID#:  S1730152    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    11:30AM-1PM
Jr. Portrait Workshop    
Ages 9-12  Class ID#:  S1730153    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    1:30PM-3PM
Creations in Clay for Teens    
Ages 13-16  Class ID#:  S1730165    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Cinderella's Castle    
Ages 6 1/2+  Class ID#:  S1730226    7/10-7/14    Mon-Fri    2PM-6PM
Teen Technique Workshop    
Ages 12+  Class ID#:  S1730228    7/10-7/14    Mon-Thu    6PM-8PM

Week of July 17th
Art & Dance: Glittery Mermaids and Scarry Sea Monsters    
Ages 3 1/2 - 6 1/2+   Class ID#: S1730081    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12:30PM
Creations in Clay    
Ages 4-6  Class ID#:  S1730104    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Art Works: Paint your Pet    
Ages 6-8  Class ID#:  S1730122    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-11AM
Children’s Open Studio    
Ages 6-8   Class ID#: S1730123    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    11:30AM-1PM
Handmade Animation    
Ages 9-12   Class ID#: S1730144    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Jr. Oil Painting  
Ages  9-12   Class ID#: S1730162    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    1:30PM-3PM
Tiny Toes, Tap & Tumbling    
Ages 3-5   Class ID#: S1730211    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    9AM-10:30AM
Ballet, Broadway and Bop    
Ages 5-8   Class ID#: S1730215    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    10:30AM-1PM
Sleeping Beauty  
Ages  6 1/2+   Class ID#: S1730227    7/17-7/21    Mon-Fri    2PM-6PM

Week of July 24th
Creations in Clay     
Ages 7-9   Class ID#: S1730142    7/24-7/28    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
Let’s Get Real: Drawing and Painting from Observation  
Ages 9-12  Class ID#:  S1730145    7/24-7/28    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
The Art of Science    
Ages 9-12  Class ID#:  S1730146    7/24-7/28    Mon-Fri    12:30PM-2:30PM
Drawing Workshop for Teens    
Ages 14+   Class ID#: S1730175    7/24-7/28    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-11AM
Painting Workshop for Teens    
Ages 14+   Class ID#: S1730176    7/24-7/28    Mon-Fri    11:30AM-1PM
Portrait Workshop for Teens  
Ages  14+  Class ID#:  S1730177    7/24-7/28    Mon-Fri    1:30PM-3PM

Week of July 31st
Mini-Makers: TOYS!    
Ages 4-6   Class ID#: S1730105    7/31-8/4    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-12PM
The Great Enviro-Wall  
Ages  12+  ​Class ID#: S1730178    7/31-8/4    Mon-Fri    9:30AM-1:30PM

Week of August 14th
Creative Dramatics: Acting for Pre-Schoolers*  
Ages  3-5   Class ID#: S1730186    8/14-8/18    Mon-Fri    9AM-10AM
Kinder Theater*  
Ages 5-7   Class ID#: S1730188    8/14-8/18    Mon-Fri    10AM-12PM
Fairytales Onstage!*  
Ages  7-11   Class ID#: S1730190    8/14-8/18    Mon-Fri    1PM-4PM

*Off-site at Compass Rose Theatre