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Mike Busch

The entire Maryland Hall family joins with our community in mourning the passing of our good friend, Mike Busch.  Our sympathies go out to his wife Cindy, longtime member of our Board of Directors, and his daughters Erin and Megan.  Every student, young and old, who has taken a class here; every person who has attended a performance or a film in our theaters; every family that has experienced together the wonderful power of the creative arts has Mike Busch to thank for his enduring commitment to helping make Maryland Hall the premier cultural hub in the region.  This building will stand as a lasting tribute to his vision and leadership.  His love for arts education at Maryland Hall and the Performing Visual Arts Magnet Programs in the County are success stories due to his unwavering support. He will be so sorely missed by so many people.

Margaret B. Davis
President & CEO


Linnell Bowen
Past-President & CEO





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