Onsite Amenities

The Cafe at Maryland Hall

We invite you to stop by the Cafe @ Maryland Hall located on the first floor while visiting the Hall. The Café is operated through a partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) and their culinary arts program at CAT South (high school) and is staffed by students and professional managers. Menu items include delicious baked goods, sandwiches, various beverages and local coffee.

Nature Sacred Labyrinth

Maryland Hall's front lawn--called the Founders Green--features a 42-foot labyrinth. The labyrinth at Maryland Hall, designed and constructed in 2001-2002, is a replica of the labyrinth inlaid in the nave floor of the Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral outside of Paris.

The labyrinth is part of the Founder's Green (front lawn) of Maryland Hall which also includes walkways and a painter's circle. The labyrinth has eleven circuits to its single pathway, for a walk that is approximately one-half mile in length and has a diameter of just over 42 feet.

We are most grateful to Nature Sacred for their support of the labyrinth and the Founder's Green.

Little Free Library

Located alongside the meditative Labyrinth, Nature Sacred installed a beautiful new community sharing library. Stop by to borrow, take or donate a book! With a regular rotation of books, you never know what you may discover.

Art Things

We are excited to welcome the well known Annapolis art supply store, Art Things, to the Hall! Art Things offers materials for beginners to professionals and has interesting items to spark creativity in people of any age and experience level. Art Things is your "hardware store for ART". Stay tuned for art supply kits that will be available soon to assist you with your upcoming classes.

Car Charging Stations

Maryland Hall has dual electric car charging station for electric car visitors available 24/7 for patrons who wish to charge their cars. The charging unit is located in parking lots C & D behind Maryland Hall.

Analemmatic (Human) Sundial

Maryland Hall is home to an Analemmatic (Human) Sundial, an educational garden "sculpture" created with mathematical computations to assist one in deciphering the time of day. One stands on the current month and reads his/her shadow location on the number shown on the "clock." It is adjusted for daylight savings time. It is located on the front lawn of Maryland Hall.

Maryland Hall was given the sculpture by the Garden Club of Annapolis in honor of Evie Renz. The sculpture is in memory of Renz's tireless energy and dedication of service to the community and the residents of the City of Annapolis.