Watercolor for Beginners | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Watercolor for Beginners

Thu 06:00 pm to 08:30 pm
Start Date: October 25, 2018  End Date: December 13, 2018
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Scarlata, Stephanie
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Course Description: 

In this class, students will create their own compositions and produce finished artworks that are personal. Students can choose perspective painting of a vibrant cityscape, nature painting or your choice of subject. This class is for any painter who wants to explore the expressive qualities of watercolor and build confidence with the medium.
In addition, students will learn the following:
· Traditional techniques including wet-on-wet, dry brush, lifting, washes, color mixing, and negative painting
· Color identity, transparency, and intensity
· How to control the watercolor medium while exploring spontaneity
· How to create resist areas with masking fluid
· Brush identity and the variety of brush strokes available to you through practice
· When the outcome is not what you envisioned, it can still be made to work!
In each class session, there will be demonstrations and handouts with copies of master paintings for study and sketchbook practice before the next meeting.
Individual attention and group critiques will make this an exciting and informative class. Come, relax and be inspired in beginning or contributing to your own body of artwork.
For more information, please contact the instructor at scarlata@brickchurchstudio.com.