Wednesday Morning Drawing and Painting Figure Co-op

Wed 09:30 am to 12:30 pm
Start Date: August 05, 2015  End Date: December 16, 2015
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Cohen, Sandy
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Course Description: 

The Wednesday Morning Drawing and Painting Figure Co-op offers the opportunity to work from life with experienced figure models. No critique or instruction is provided. Co-op attendees bring diverse levels of artistic background and the ability to work independently in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere. Three-hour sessions typically begin with a few short gesture poses before the model takes a long pose for concentrated study. For these morning sessions, the model stand is sometimes placed to take advantage of high windows with northern exposure in studio 214, affording the opportunity to work by natural light on the figure. A modest model fee, typically $7, is collected at each session for 3 hours of work with experienced figure models. It is the practice that people registered for any of the three Maryland Hall drawing/painting co-ops are welcome to attend sessions of the other two co-ops (Wednesday morning figure/Thursday evening figure/Friday morning portrait) by paying the model fee for sessions they attend. In recent years when the schedule allowed, artwork produced by figure co-op members has been exhibited in galleries at Maryland Hall. For more information, please contact Sandy Cohen at